Hash games are coming, almost the same fun as traditional games
The game results based on the Hash Number
Safe Trusted Decentralize
Absolutely Fair
Fun Games
Hash 28 Hash Baccarat Hash Dragon Tiger Hash Sic Bo Hash Roulette
Texas Holdem Super Holdem Bidding bull New Mahjong
Smart Contracts
Transparent & Reliable
The source code is published on
USDT Payments
Easy to Deposit & Withdraw
How Hash Number Works?
1. Set up four TRC20 wallets View Address>
2. Make one cycle transfer per round, for example:
A --- B generates 1st base hash, HCJeY8gPbQRCs7k2mNCsbwNcF4S8eZ
A --- C generates 2nd base hash, TCJY8gPdbQRCsb9weF4S8eZmNwNcF4
A --- D generates 3rd base hash, TCJeY8gPdbQRC34hcF4S8eZmNCFxY5Q
Letters are not valid take the last digit of the hash value:
3. Tips: 17 is odd, betting on odd then win 17 is big then big win composite big odd win betting 17 odd points in 16 times Dragon position 8 Tiger position 5 then Dragon win
Betting Examples
Your bet is: 1000
The Hash Number is:
Super Hash: 0+9+5=14
You bet on Even
Congratulations youWin!
The system payout amount is:
1000*1.95 = 1,950
Your bet is: 200
The Hash Number is:
Super Hash: 2+3+8=13
You bet on Big
Lost The system does not collect money
Your bet is: 8000
The Hash Number is:
Super Hash: 7+1+2=10
You bet on Dragon
Congratulations youWin!
The system payout amount is:
8000*1.95 =15,600
Your bet is: 1000
The Hash Number is:
Super Hash: 2+3+8=13
You bet on Small Even
Lost The system does not collect money
How 6D Hall works
Create a new wallet
Use an existing wallet
Create a new wallet
1. Download 6D APP
APP Download>
2. Set up the wallet
Create the wallet Back up the Mnemonic Set the password
Beginner Guide to set up a wallet>
3. Transfer money to the wallet address
Click USDT (TRC20) Click “Receive”, and then send the receiving address to the payer
Beginner Guide to receiving and withdrawing funds>
4. Betting
Big, Small, Odd, Even, Composite, Dragon/Tiger, Single, Hash Baccarat,
variety ways of play
5. Winning automatic payout
Automatic payout by smart contract
Why 6D.games
Fair and Transparent
Safe Environment
Gaming Licence
Various Games
USDT Payment
Fairness and Transparency
The base of gaming is completely real random numbers, which cannot be manipulated. Blockchain technology provides open, transparent and incorruptible technologies.
The transfer hashes of the three addresses are generated on the blockchain and can be accessed by anyone, anytime, anywhere on the blockchain at website: https://tronscan.io/#/
Nobody can manipulate data and all records are transparently and available to check. See Smart Contract source code on: www.github.com /6dgames
Smart contract guarantees automatic withdrawal, decentralized, no human control
USDT payment, global circulation private and secure
The pool of funds address are public and real-time on the chain, transparent & reliable
Fair game
Gaming Licence
Curacao gambling license number: No. 8048/JAZ
Official website: https://www.6d.games
The 6d.games is operated by 6D Gaming B.V., registration No. 155089
Various Games
You can either download the APP or log in to the DAPP from other wallets
The APP also contains a wallet system
Various games with the same experience as the traditional games
Brand new vertical version games
USDT Payment
USDT payment, global circulation, safe environment
Hash games automatically use the user's wallet account, traditional games use USDT/Chips swap function
Links to third-party service sites that provide USDT and fiat currency exchange
Fast Exchange
As USDT (TRC20) payment requires the gas fees of TRX , if you are new to the game and need to exchange TRX, please use the following quick exchange channel.
USDT (TRC20) ------------TRX Exchange
Contact Customer Service ask for TRX
Please provide customer service with your account and APP wallet address
Fun Games
Hash 28
Absolutely Fair
Big Small Odd Even Composite Hash Single Dragon /Tiger Hash Baccarat
Hash Poker
Based on Hash number
Sic Bo Roulette
Fun Pokers
A lot of new pokers like Super Holdem, 2on1 etc
Super Holdem Texas Holdem New Mahjong 2 ON 1 Bidding
1. What is a Hash?
You can simply think of a hash as the DNA of a piece of data (a file, or a string), or an ID. It is unique, random and unbreakable. For more information, please search with Google.
2. What is blockchain gaming?
The numbers used for prizing are extracted from the hashes generated by applying blockchain technology, which are completely random, unmanageable, unforgeable and incorruptible and the key smart contract code is open and transparent.
3. What is a Smart Contract?
A smart contract is a piece of code deployed on the blockchain, once an event triggers the terms in the contract, the code will be executed automatically. The smart contract is a digital contract based on the blockchain, which is different from a traditional paper contract. For example, if a vending machine is equivalent to a smart contract, then a salesman is equivalent to a paper contract
4. What is a digital wallet? What is the difference between a centralized wallet and a decentralized wallet?
Briefly, digital wallet is a wallet that used to store, receive, and transfer cryptocurrency. Exchange wallets are centralized wallets, the exchanges can control the digital coins of users. The coins in the decentralized wallet cannot be controlled by anyone other than the person who owns the private key, such as imToken, Bitpie, Trust wallet, etc.
5. Why do I continuously win or not win?
First, blockchain games cannot be cheated, it is a small probability event. Secondly, in mathematical way, even if the probability is 50%, any previous result will not affect the next one. Third, random events will follow the law of large numbers (under the condition have no changes, the test is repeated many times, the frequency of the random event approximates its probability of large number definition), The probability will converge to the theoretical probability as the number of plays increases.
6. Why sometimes delayed?
Because blockchain technology will do multiple calculations, comparisons and confirmations in order to ensure the safety of your funds. The calculation speed is slower, but the security is guaranteed.
7. Why should I use TRX?
TRC20 USDT is issued by the TRX main chain, so the fee for transferring funds is TRX, so you need to keep some TRX in your wallet.
8. If I transfer USDT from TRC20 to another address by mistake, such as USDT-ERC20, can I get it back?
Basically, it is lost! Maybe there are some other possibilities, please search with Google.
9. Is live table game also a blockchain game?
Currently, live table game is a real player and in real time game, but not a blockchain game. They are really fun.
10. Are there more blockchain games?
We will launch more Hash games such as Sic Bo, Baccarat, Multiple Bulls combining the traditional poker game and Blockchain rules of fairness and openness, please look forward to them